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 These rules must be strictly adhered too by all participants in all organization Tournaments. The Tournament Committee is ready to fully enforce all of these rules. The final interpretation, and decisions of these rules will be made by, the Tournament Director/Chairman.

 Tournament Officials
Tournament Officials shall be outlined in the organization’s constitution and By-laws.


Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from each participant. An Inebriated contestant will not be tolerated during a Tournament. All State and Local laws must be strictly adhered too. Mexico Bassmasters Inc. promotes a Catch & Release Program. A Trophy Bass (Largemouth- 7lbs. Or Heavier)  (Smallmouth- 4lbs. Or Heavier) (Kentucky- 4lbs. Or Heavier) May be mounted as a Reproduction of that Fish. All Other Fish Must Be Returned.

 Tackle and Equipment

Only Artificial lures and Pork lures are allowed. Trolling as a method of fishing is Prohibited. Only One Fishing Rod & Reel may be in use at one time.

 Boat And Motor, Safety, And Basic Boat Equipment

Fishing boats may be used that are 14 feet or more in length, powered by a motor that is not in excess of the B.I.A. rating on that boat. Every boat must have the standard Coast Guard Safety Equipment on board. Each participant is responsible for their own Coast Guard Approved Life Vest/Preserver. A functional bilge pump and a properly working aerated live-well is required. A Workable Kill Switch Is Mandatory.

 Vehicle/Boat Operation And Expense

The participant not owning/operating the boat shall have the right to choose the fishing one half of the time, if he/she so desires. The following arrangement of sharing expenses shall be used. Minimum Non-boater fuel expenses shall be paid to the boater prior to take-off at each Tournament, based on the chart below:

Lake                   1 – Day Tournament           2- Day Tournament

Truman Lake                 $ 20                                         $ 30

Lake Ozarks                   $ 20                                         $ 22

Long Branch                    $ 20                                         $ 15

Thomas Hill                     $ 20                                         $ 15

Mark Twain                    $ 20                                         $ 15

Any additional expenses must be discussed, agreed upon and paid prior to take-off.

Entry fees for 2015 tournaments will be $20, which includes Big Bass. 

Date, Location, And Check-out Time of Tournament

All watches in each boat are to be synchronized before the checkout. One member from each boat must be present at the tournament site 30 minutes before starting time. There will be a mandatory meeting 5 minutes prior to each tournament on the water, where 5 bonus points will be awarded.  A neat, safe, orderly take-off at each tournament is a must. A form of the “ooze-out” system of starting will be used. Each one will be permitted to take off as soon as the boat immediately in front of him is on “Pad or Plane.”


Permitted Fishing Locations

Fishing is permitted any place on the tournament water. No fishing is permitted within 50 yards in any direction of another contestant’s boat, unless by invitation.


The weigh-in will be handled by, the Tournament Committee. One member from each boat must be present at the Weigh-in.

Scoring will be determined by the fish’s length as Follows:


12” = 2 Points                              16” = 20 Points

13” = 4 Points                              17” = 25 Points

14” = 6 Points                              18” = 30 Points

15” = 15 Points                            19” = 35 Points

Fish over 19” will receive 5 Points for Every inch that is measured.

Each Contestant will carry a Pre-Printed Form on which to keep his Partner’s tally.

When Your Partner Puts His Fish On The Ruler, You Will Check The Length And Your Decision On The Length Will Be Final With No Rebuttal by Your Partner.

No Fish will be brought to the Weigh-in Site unless it is 17 Inches or more to be weighed as Big Bass. Only One Fish May be Weighed. No Big Bass Award will be presented for anything less than 17”. If there is No Big Bass weighed in the pot will be added to the next Tournament.  Even though we’re keeping track of every fish we catch on the scorecard, you will only be able to keep your 6 largest fish from that scorecard, since the state limit is 6 fish. At the weigh-in the Tournament Chairman will verify your points, return your score card to you for you and your partner to sign, then the Tournament Chairman will recollect them. The Tournament winners, will be determined by the total points accumulated during, the 1-day or 2-day Tournament. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass will be counted. During the Tournament day, each contestant must keep his Big Bass separate from that of his partner’s fish or have them marked to identify which fish is yours and which fish are your partners. Each contestant may present their biggest fish at weigh-in as long as it is 17” or more in length. After the fish has been handed over to the weigh-in Officials (Tournament Committee), No Person except Officials shall touch said Bass. In case of a dispute over Weight or Length of a Bass, the Tournament Committee shall make the Final Decision.

A Bass will not be counted or weighed that is not legal length from closed mouth to the tip of the tail, measured along the fish’s side with one of the approved measuring devices.

Any Bass that appears to be mangled mashed, or mauled will be weighed/measured and credited only at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and Chairman.

 Late Penalty

If any boat parings have not checked in at the check-in area within the 15 minutes, this shall be a signal for those contestants checked in to seek and retrieve the disabled boat and contestants. Contestants who are not in the Official docking area by the end of the announced fishing hours shall be penalized 1 Point off for each minute they’re late, up to 15 minutes, then Disqualified. These penalties will apply to all participants in that boat. In case of a breakdown one person must be at the weigh-in with the fish and weigh-in slip.

 Tournament Payout

1st Place                50% of the pot

2nd Place               30% of the pot

3rd Place                20% of the pot

Big Bass Pot is paid at 100% to the largest fish 17” or over. If there is no Big Bass then the monies will be carried over to the next Tournament.

In the event of a tie the following tie breakers will be used:

Big Fish

Most Fish

Coin Flip

 Contestant Pairings

The Partner pairings will be determined and announced at the meeting prior to the Tournament. It will be the Partner’s responsibility to contact the boat owner prior to Thursday the week of the Tournament. Failure to do so will result in the boat owner obtaining or being given another partner. For Two-Day Tournaments, a draw will be held at the end of Day 1 for Day 2. In an attempt to make sure all club members get to fish in club Tournaments, when pairing, Club members will be selected before any guest pairings.

In The Event that the Draw is Odd, The Following Methods will be used

1. More Boaters Than Non-Boaters

  1. An Odd Boater May be asked to find a guest partner.
  2. A Boater may opt to leave his Boat and fish as a Non-Boater.

2.More Non-Boaters Than Boaters

A.     A Non-Boater may be asked to find a guest Boater/Partner.

B.     A Non-Boater Boat owner may be asked to take his Boat.


State Team

 The Top 6 Anglers (3 Boaters & 3 Non-Boaters) plus two Alternates that Qualify as of the last scheduled Club Tournament prior to the State Federation’s entry deadline date will be our representatives as our State Team.


Participants and Eligibility

Participation in tournaments is open to members of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the Mexico Bassmasters, Inc. who are 18 years of age or older. Participants/Members Must have their past and current Mexico Bassmasters, B.A.S.S.  Dues along w/ Entry Fees paid up current as to the last monthly meeting prior to the Tournament Date if they want to be eligible to fish.

Tournament Participants must have previously signed a waiver release, releasing all other participants, the Host Sponsors and tournament Officials Along w/ Bass Anglers Sportsman Society,  and the Mexico Bassmasters Inc. from all claims or injury and/or damage incurred in connection with all Tournaments, before participation in same.


Fishing Sponsored Tournaments

As part of our commitment towards this Bass Club, and in the best interest of Mexico Bassmasters, Inc. the Tournament Committee has set forth the following Rule: Any Member of the Mexico Bassmasters, Inc. will not be allowed to fish a Tournament that is Sponsored By Mexico Bassmasters, Inc. because of the Conflict of Interest Rule. These Tournaments will include the following: Any Benefit Tournament that we decide to sponsor during the year.








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